legends of behance

text and artwork by Meki Giorgadze

Mother of Kartli - as a symbol of Georgian woman - a warrior, the statue symbolizes the Georgian national character: a female figure holding in her left hand a cup of wine to welcome those who have come as a friend, and in his right hand a sword for those who came as an enemy.

A tamada - is a Georgian toastmaster at a Georgian feast, one person who introduces each toast. Georgians like to say that the tamada is dictator of the table, but it would be more appropriate to compare him to a leader or even a teacher. Tamada traditionally ought to be eloquent, intelligent, smart, sharp−witted and quick−thinking, with a good sense of humor since very often some of the guests might try to compete with him on the toast making. At the Georgian table, a tamada is considered to help bridge the gap between past, present and future, toasting ancestors and descendants as well as the other guests at the table.

St. George - is a symbol of the victory of good over evil, the victory over the devil. St. George together with the Virgin Mary is considered the patron saint of Georgia and Georgians is the most revered saint. According to local legend, George was a relative of Equal to the Apostles Nina, the Enlightener of Georgia.

 Tiger and the Brave - on the basis of the Georgian ballads symbol of strength, fearlessness bravery, courage and compassion. in which the knight comes to fight with tigers, eventually died both of them, but in addition to courage knight, in this ballad important character of Georgian mother, that despite the death of his son, condolences mother of tiger - beast. it is a symbol of compassion, where the enemy Expresses its deep sorrow to the enemy, because of his courage.

Samaya - the dance of three graces. In the beginning, the so-called Georgian ritual  dance of pagan tribes, usually performed at the feast "Dzeoba" (the birth of a son), was called, but eventually this term acquired a wider meaning and now stands for any female trio in dance.    The image of Queen Tamara has a special significance in the minds of Georgians, uniting the concepts of femininity, wisdom and power. The three-foldedness of Tamara (the virgin maiden, the wise caring mother and the anointed of God) finds a plastic embodiment in the costumes and choreography of "Samaya". 

It's like a minute ephemeral glimpse of that mythical, strong and fair Georgia with which almost every Georgian is associated with hidden nostalgia.